eVGA 680i SLI Won't Post With Intel 45nm QX9650 Processor

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eVGA 680i SLI Won't Post With Intel 45nm QX9650 Processor

Postby Apoptosis » Mon Dec 17, 2007 10:10 am

If you are interested in updating your current 680i SLI motherboard powered system to a new 45nm quad-core processor I'll save you some stress and tell you know that it won't work.

I tried to use an Intel QX9650 Yorkfield processor in the eVGA 680i SLI motherboard (122-CK-NF68-T1) and had no luck.

Remember eVGA changed the original 122-CK-NF68-TR was be replaced with 122-CK-NF68-T1 board to fix support for the Intel Kentsfield Quad-Core CPU's.... Even using the new and improved 122-CK-NF68-T1 motherboard with the latest BIOS - P31, using a QX9650 gives you a system that does nothing....

Here is a picture of the eVGA 680i SLI 122-CK-NF68-T1 motherboard running an Intel QX960 (45nm quad-core yorkfield) and unable to post. Two hyphens are in the LED Post Display.

Sucks NVIDIA claimed 45nm quad-core support and it really doesn't work. NVIDIA is saying that Intel made changed to their 45nm processors after they made the claim, but who knows.

I shot an e-mail to eVGA on the matter and they replied with this statement:

Our 680i motherboards will not work properly with the QX9650, only the 45nm dual cores will be supported. The 45nm quads will have issues on the 680i, the 780i which was released today has full support for the QX9650 and the other 45nm quad cores. http://www.evga.com/articles/385.asp

Just for fun I asked eVGA if a new revision was in the works and the answer is no.

No, there will not be a new revision.

If you want to run SLI and a 45nm Quad-Core processor you will be forced to go with a 780i chipset for now or a 790i when those are released down the road.
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