Kingston DataTraveler 400 USB Flash Drive

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Kingston DataTraveler 400 USB Flash Drive

Postby Apoptosis » Fri Mar 07, 2008 12:01 pm

How many times have you misplaced your thumb drive and all you could think about was what information was saved on it. Was it personal? Was it sensitive to your job? Well Kingston has sent us one of their Data Traveler series thumb drives that is designed to help protect that data and not cost a bundle in the process. Today we look at the Data Traveler 400, read on to see if its a good fit for you.


When it comes to speed the Kingston DataTraveler 400 has very high read speeds and was actually faster than the DataTraveler HyperX on our test notebook. The write speeds on the other hand were good, but not as high as some of the other Flash drives on the market. At $19.99 plus shipping the Kingston DataTraveler 400 is priced right and is designed better than previous generation DataTraveler products. With a solid software bundle and the great price versus performance that the DT 400 offers it only makes sense for it to be given the Legit Reviews Editor's Choice award!

Article Title: Kingston DataTraveler 400 USB Flash Drive
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Pricing At Time of Print: $19.99

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Re: Kingston DataTraveler 400 USB Flash Drive

Postby ibleet » Fri Mar 07, 2008 12:08 pm

Excellent review Shane. Now I realize why the old Kingston Flash Drives have been on sale lately. Making room for new and improved stock.

I just picked up (2) 4gb drives for under $10 each, but with no security features.

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