Callpod Dragon V2, Bluetooth Headset with 100+ Meters Range

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Callpod Dragon V2, Bluetooth Headset with 100+ Meters Range

Postby Digital Puppy » Fri Nov 21, 2008 4:03 pm

CallpodDragon V2, Bluetooth 2.0 Headset Delivers

100+ Meters Range - 10xs Further Than Traditional Headsets

New-Look Headset Offers 2-Way Radio Communication, Dual-Mic Noise Suppression Technology, a Universal Telescoping Earwrap and Sound Processing Software for Enhanced Sound

CHICAGO -- November 21, 2008 -- Callpod, Inc., an emerging leader in the mobile electronics industry introduces the Dragon V2 (DV2) headset for Bluetooth mobile phones, PDAs VOIP products and computers. The DV2 gives users the powerful combination of unparalleled range and superior sound quality. The original Dragon Bluetooth headset and Phoenix, a Bluetooth mobile conferencing system were both 2008 Innovation Award Honorees. In addition, Callpod created the Chargepod, a well-received 6-in-1 portable gadget charging solution.

Serious Bluetooth Strength - Unmatched Range
Talk on your mobile phone without wires using the Dragon Bluetooth headset. With a 328+ ft (100m) range, you can roam around your office or home without having to carry your phone. Dragon can also connect with your PC for Skype calls simultaneously, allowing you to switch between your PC and mobile phone with a press of a button. With advanced dual-mic noise suppression, the callers on the other end will enjoy crystal clear voice even if you are at an airport, noisy restaurant or car. The Dragon V2 with all Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, computers and PDAs.

Superior Audio Quality
Callpod's proprietary Dual-Mic Noise Suppression technology allows users to clearly communicate in noisy environments by isolating the user's voice while removing background noise.

Maximum Comfort and User-Friendly Two-Button Design
The newly designed Dragon V2 is available in 3 stylish finishes, Titanium Silver, Carbon Fiber and Black Chrome. A new adjustable earwrap was designed to easily adjust on the fly for maximum comfort and all day use. The Dragon V2 can be comfortably worn for long and short-term use. Operating the Dragon V2 is easily performed with the two-button design for enhanced call control functionality. The buttons are large enough and easily identified unlike headsets that are designed to be so small that functionality becomes compromised.

"The newly designed Dragon V2 is the most dynamic and complete Bluetooth headset available," said Darren Guccione, Callpod CEO and co-founder. "The DV2 performs above and beyond in every category including range, talk time, design, comfort, sound quality, ease of use and noise cancellation, we feel we have delivered the best headset available to date."

In addition, the Dragon V2 can be used with other Dragon V2 headsets for two-way or push to talk communication over a 250,000+ sq ft space. The new headset takes about 3 hours to fully charge via USB port or outlet and can provide up to 8 hours talk time and nearly 300 hours standby. The Dragon V2 is the only class-1 headset available on the market.

The Dragon V2 works with all the latest phones, including the iPhone, all worldwide networks including AT&T,T-mobile, Verizon, Sprint/Nextel, US Cellular and is compatible with Windows and Mac OS computers with Bluetooth.


-New Adjustable Ear Wrap ensures a perfect comfortable fit for all-day use.

-Unparalleled Range: Up to 100 meters (328ft, close to the length of a football field) with any class-1 Bluetooth device.

-Superior Sound Quality: Supreme sound quality and Callpod's own Dual-Mic Noise Suppression technology allows users to communicate in noisy environments.

-Charging Flexibility: Multiple adapters with USB connectivity allow users to charge the Dragon V2 via laptop/computer, car or outlet.

-Unsurpassed Power: The strongest lithium-ion battery in its class provides up to 8 hours of real talk time and up to 300 hours of standby.

-2-Way Radio Communication: Proprietary 2-way radio communication (similar to Nextel phones or push to talk technology) software allows two Dragon V2 headset users to talk over a 250,000 square foot area.

-Upgradable: The Dragon V2 is the only headset that allows users to upgrade the firmware. This allows for maximum functionality. This firmware is upgradable via USB cable connected to a PC, so users always have the latest features and functionality.

-The Dragon V2 can connect to multiple headsets together for group communications or conferencing with the Phoenix, another innovative product from Callpod.

The Dragon V2 is currently available for $99 and is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled handsets.

About Callpod
Callpod is a vertically integrated product and technology deployment company. It creates software and mobile devices for the mobile electronics industry. Callpod has won several industry awards and has positioned itself as an emerging and innovative brand. It is the inventor of several products including the Chargepod, Fueltank, DragonV2, Drone and Phoenix Mobile Conferencing System. For more information please visit
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