NZXT Avatar Gaming Mouse Review

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NZXT Avatar Gaming Mouse Review

Postby Apoptosis » Sun Dec 07, 2008 8:43 am

The Avatar is the first gaming mouse from the NZXT and is has been designed to compete with other high-end mice from the start. With a unique ambidextrous form, the Avatar mouse is flexible and ideal for gamers of all kinds. NZXT has also implemented DPI switching feature allows total compatibility with any game, and the Avatar interface has 7 customizable buttons.


The NZXT Avatar has a higher max Dots Per Inch (DPI) of 2600 compared to the Razer's 1800DPI, which will be better in games where you need the extra mouse speed. The DPI is a standard of sorts that shows the number of steps the mouse will report when it moves one inch. The NZXT Avatar will report 44% more steps than the Razer Death Adder since it has a higher DPI. What is interesting though is that the NZXT Avatar moves at a most 40 inches per second, which is lower than the Death Adder's 60-120 inches per second. Usually the higher the DPI, the faster the pointer moves with mouse movement, but that is not the case here since software can adjust the mouse sensitivity, making the cursor move faster or slower than its DPI without losing the accuracy.

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