ECS A780GM-A Ultra Black Series Motherboard Review

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ECS A780GM-A Ultra Black Series Motherboard Review

Postby Apoptosis » Wed Mar 04, 2009 8:24 am

ECS A780GM-A Ultra Black Series Motherboard Review

The A780GM-A Ultra is one of the latest motherboards in the ECS Black Series. This performance oriented motherboard features the AMD 780G and AMD SB750 chipsets to get the most from AMD Phenom and Phenom II processors. The A780GM-A Ultra can even support 160W processors, which means you can overclock without having to worry about ruining the board.


The ECS A780GM-A Ultra motherboard that we are looking at today is a full-size ATX mainboard that is part of the "Black Series". It sports the AMD 780G Chipset coupled with the SB750, which has proven to be a very competitive and great performing combination. The SB750 chipset by AMD supports Advanced Clock Calibration (ACC), a new feature which can allow for higher overclocks on Phenom and Phenom II processors due to some internal adjustments that AMD engineers have done that involves connecting unused pins on the Phenom CPU to the SB750 Southbridge in order to change the CPU's internal timings. This will make it easier to reach some of the higher overclocks long desired by Phenom owners. The ECS A780GM-A uses the SB700 chipset and the ECS A780GM-A Ultra uses the SB750, so if you want ACC be sure to get the ECS A780GM-A Ultra, which is what we are looking at here today...

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Re: ECS A780GM-A Ultra Black Series Motherboard Review

Postby FeRaL » Wed Mar 04, 2009 11:09 am

Hot Damn! The price of that mobo takes me back to the days of socket A... Actually, I haven't left the days of socket A, my main rig is running on an NF7-S... College, marriage, and a house payment has put me behind the times... I've been saving up though and plan to make the jump to a quad in the next few months..

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