Avantalk BTSP-200 Bluetooth Stereo Speakerphone

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Avantalk BTSP-200 Bluetooth Stereo Speakerphone

Postby Apoptosis » Wed Jul 08, 2009 8:25 am

The Avantalk BTSP200 is a Bluetooth portable speaker that features a full duplex speakerphone, excellent battery life, long wireless range and even a remote control. It can connect with any Bluetooth device, which makes it great gift item or something you can purchase for yourself.


When you are listening to music, you aren’t going to get THX-level sound reproduction from the device, but the sound that is produced is much better than your stock mobile phone speaker or even your laptop speaker. The Avantalk BTSP-200 Bluetooth portable speaker does a fairly good job of sound reproduction so that you can easily share with friends. For us, it didn’t really matter whether it was in a classroom or at the beach, the speakerphone had enough “umph” to rock the crowd.

Article Title: Avantalk BTSP-200 Bluetooth Stereo Speakerphone
Article URL: http://legitreviews.com/article/1008/1/
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