Huntkey Introduces Its Four "E" PSU -- X7

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Huntkey Introduces Its Four "E" PSU -- X7

Postby Apoptosis » Wed Dec 30, 2009 10:11 am

Huntkey Introduces Its Four "E" PSU -- X7

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SHENZHEN, China, Dec. 29 -- Huntkey Enterprise Group finds the best solution for end-users after considerable investigation and research. Which wattage of power supply is the most useful and suitable to end-users? Through investigation, Huntkey finds that a PSU of around 900W is more and more popular among gamers and DIY enthusiasts. However the expensive price stops most customers. Around the world, the price of kilowatt-level power supply is around USD 240. Can customers have a high-level power supply with higher quality but lower price? Huntkey X7 900W power supply can meet your needs. It is 80PLUS Silver certified, a Four "E" PSU.

"Huntkey is always in pursuit of manufacturing four "E" power supply and providing the best solutions for end-users. It's our mission," states Alva Li, the Huntkey global marketing manager.

The First "E" -- Efficiency

Efficiency is the biggest concern of most enthusiasts. How does Huntkey X7 900W PSU measure up?

"Interleaved PFC": It turns one traditional big PFC into two smaller CCM PFCs that operate in turns. By doing this, it reduces the ripple currents both of input and output and current stress on PFC FETs and improves the PFC efficiency by one or two percent.

"Phase-shifted ZVS full bridge": Lots of PSU on the market now works by traditional "hard switching" topology such as double-forward or half-bridge. "Soft switching" topology such as in the Huntkey X7 900W normally uses high efficiency server power supply and telecom power supply over 3000W to realize up to 90% transfer efficiency.

"Synchronous Rectification": +12V output is rectified using power MOSFETs instead of conventional Schottky barrier diodes. It's a new rectified way for gaining lower output and input voltage and higher current, which improves DC to DC converter's efficiency. For example, rectified by this, an output voltage of 10A. 3.3V can be decreased by 0.04V, so the consumption can be reduced to below 1%, compared to the traditional consumption of around 10%~25%; it is a good advance.

The Second "E" -- Enhanced performance

Why is the X7 900W called an enhanced performance PSU? It's enough for overclocking to provide a steady power. Please take a look at the SLI 3 card interconnected standard:

1. How does every component deal with the power? For rated power with 800W to 1000W power supply, 600W has three graphics cards, and the 100W has good CPU, while the 50~100W have other components.
2. Five +12V rails: one for CPU; three for graphics cards; one for the hard drive.
3. There are three 6PIN and three (6+2) PIN power interfaces.
4. Low cost with five year warranty, 90% efficiency and 100,000 hours MTBF.

Generally speaking, the Huntkey X7 900W is enough for powering three graphics cards.

For more specification information of X7 900W, please directly visit:

The Third "E" -- Effectiveness

Why is it effective? It is very available. Let more people know how to choose the most available power supply for their own system. "We would not like only to be pursuit of developing cutting-edge power supply, what we prefer to do is to make our best effort to provide the most suitable products for our customers not only in efficiency, but also in system cooling, silence, price and service," Alva Li says.

The Fourth "E" -- Environmentally Friendly

As an energy efficient device, the Huntkey X7 900W saves not only energy costs, but helps contribute to the effort to protect our limited environmental resources.

The Huntkey X7 900W is the best power supply for most DIY users, breaking the trend of expensive high-level power supply. Huntkey proposes purchasing a suitable watt power supply to conserve shared resources.
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