Prolimatech Super Mega CPU Cooler Review

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Prolimatech Super Mega CPU Cooler Review

Postby Apoptosis » Thu Oct 28, 2010 8:43 am

Prolimatech Super Mega CPU Cooler Review

Today we are looking at the most recent CPU cooler from Prolimatech, the Super Mega. The Super Mega is an updated version of the popular Megahalems CPU cooler that features a hybrid design that uses copper and aluminum. So join us as we put the new Prolimatech Super Mega CPU Cooler through the paces on our newly updated Intel Core i7-930 test system!


Prior to this review I had never used a Prolimatech cooler. I have had heard many things, all good, about the Megahalems coolers, so I went into this review with some pretty high expectations. I was not disappointed in any way. Everything about the Super Mega is top notch. It is a solidly built cooler that performs very well. All the parts and accessories are very nice and I think the mounting system is the biggest and beefiest I have seen to date...

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