Gunnar Optiks Midnight 3D Eyeglasses Review

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Gunnar Optiks Midnight 3D Eyeglasses Review

Postby Apoptosis » Fri Dec 17, 2010 7:00 am

Gunnar Optiks Midnight 3D Eyeglasses Review - Ready For TRON Legacy 3D

GUNNAR Optiks and Walt Disney who are teaming up to promote TRON: Legacy, coming to theaters in 3D this holiday season. GUNNAR Optiks released a line of fashionable, optical-quality 3D eyewear earlier this year that can be used in most theaters, especially those equipped with RealD technology (passive circular polarization). Used by professionals working with 3D and in over 80% of 3D-capable movie theaters, read on to see how good Gunnar’s 3D eyewear performed during our sneak-peak of Tron: Legacy 3D in Los Angeles.


We took a field trip to L.A. Live’s Regal Cinemas to see see Tron: Legacy in Digital 3D and test our Gunnar Midnight 3D glasses. We started off watching the previews with both the Gunnar and theater-provided glasses. I basically had one pair on my head and would alternate watching the various scenes and they appeared. With about 15 minutes of 3D previews it was a good way to see the difference – the dramatic differences between the optics. The plastic theater glasses worked and the wearer could see the 3D effect, but the Gunnar Midnight’s made the picture jump out at you. The picture was so much clearer as well. My friends who were with me kept complaining about the fit of their 'freebie' glasses. I was extremely comfortable with the Gunnar Midnight's...

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