Thecus announces the AFD42000 Deluxe Coffee Edition

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Thecus announces the AFD42000 Deluxe Coffee Edition

Postby Apoptosis » Fri Apr 01, 2011 6:05 am

Thecus announces the AFD42000 Deluxe Coffee Edition

Increase security and effectiveness with RAID 60 espresso.

04/01/2011- Taipei (Taiwan): security is one of the major concerns of IT industry. Even if NAS products are getting more and more efficient and reliable, human factor has to be considered when building an effective datacenter. What kind of catastrophe can happen if the IT engineer on duty falls asleep?

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The front view of the AFD4200 Deluxe Coffee Edition

Always leadingthe market in term of innovations and creativity, ThecusTechnology Corp. is very proud to announce its brand newmodel: the AFD42000 Deluxe Coffee Edition. Featuring a blazing12 cores CPU, 16GB of DDRR3 Ram and our new firmware, thisdevice also provides the new signature Thecus feature: theThecus Turbo Coffee Deluxe Edition (TTCDE).

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The AFD42000 Deluxe Coffee Edition provides a handycoffee interface and USB3.0 ports.

Thanks to the new smart coffee device, theTTCDE is able to deliver 3 cups perminute. RAID function is also available, allowingyour coffee to be fresher or faster, depending on yourneeds. “My IT Engineers have never been so available andhappy, thanks to the new NAS from Thecus. I can enjoy afresh coffee and my data are safe at the same moment”said one of our customers.The AFD42000 DeluxeCoffee Edition also got a pci-espresso slot, makingit compatible with the latest Arabica and Robustaprotocols.

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The coffee unit is fancy and easy touse.

More info about the AFD42000:'_Day
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