Enermax ETS-T40 H.D.T. Tower CPU Cooler Review

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Enermax ETS-T40 H.D.T. Tower CPU Cooler Review

Postby Apoptosis » Thu Sep 01, 2011 7:17 pm

Today we are looking at the newest CPU cooler offering from Enermax, the ETS-T40. The new EST-T40 line from Enermax has a new patented fin design that Enermax says gets the ETS-T40’s thermal resistance down to 0.09*C/W. So join us as we look at the ETS-T40 and put it through the paces on our Intel Core i7-930 test system and see how it does against several other CPU cooling solutions!


This was my first look at an Enermax cooler, and overall I was very happy with the whole experience. The cooler is well made. The instructions were easy to follow, which made installation easy. One thing that Enermax did that I really liked is that they have 3 styles of the same cooler, thus allowing the end user the ability to pick a style that fits them. The ETS-T40-TB for those that don't want/need extra light in their build from LEDs, the ETS-T40-TA with blue LED fan and nickel plating for a little bling, and the ETS-T40-VD with the blue+red LED for those that want LED light but are not big on the nickel plate look.

Article Title: Enermax ETS-T40 H.D.T. Tower CPU Cooler Review
Article URL: http://www.legitreviews.com/article/1690/1/
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