BitFenix Outlaw PC Gaming Case Review

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BitFenix Outlaw PC Gaming Case Review

Postby Apoptosis » Fri Nov 11, 2011 9:26 am

BitFenix Outlaw PC Gaming Case Review

This summer BitFenix launched a mid-tower ATX enclosure called Outlaw that is aimed at PC builders on a budget. At $49, this case still manages to offer premium features, an innovative layout, and superior styling. This case has a motherboard tray that has been flipped upside down, placing the graphics card close to the top of the case. Read on to check out the BitFenix Outlaw.


I have to say, Bitfenix put a lot in to this entry level $49 model. The model I built will be updated with USB 3.0 soon. SoftTouch is a nice feature used on the front of the case. The mid-tower has an inverted motherboard tray. This leads to a lot of nice features by opening the case to natural airflow. Both the video cards (long ones can be installed) and power supply have access to the 120mm optional fans. The main door has locations for two optional 120mm or 140mm fans totaling 8 mounting points for fans. Optional liquid cooling can be installed as well...

Article Title: BitFenix Outlaw PC Gaming Case Review
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Pricing At Time of Print: $49
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Re: BitFenix Outlaw PC Gaming Case Review

Postby Sttm » Fri Nov 11, 2011 1:05 pm

It looks really nice for $49. Makes me wonder when Antec will get off their rear and update the 300 to match.

Though I am not sure about the motherboard orientation of this case. Having the CPU right above the PSU, with only the rear exhaust near it does not look good to me. It loses out on having that 120-200mm fan right above the CPU.
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