Roccat Isku Illuminated Gaming Keyboard Review

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Roccat Isku Illuminated Gaming Keyboard Review

Postby Apoptosis » Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:17 am

Roccat Isku Illuminated Gaming Keyboard Review

Roccat has provided us with some wonderful PC peripherals and today we're going to be looking at the Roccat Isku. The Roccat Isku is an illuminated gaming keyboard, which features as many as 36 programmable macro keys, on the fly profile switching and backlit keys. Backlit with ROCCAT Extreme Ice Blue Lighting in 6 adjustable brightness levels, the Isku makes it easy to always hit the right key -- even in low lighting. The Isku’s optimized illumination also means it’s perfect for avoiding eye strain during those long gaming sessions.


The last few weeks that I’ve spent using the Roccat Isku have been very pleasurable. The macro keys have proven to be pretty useful in not only games but also in daily applications. The extra-large wrist rest was a welcomed relief for me, since my previous two keyboards had no sort of wrist support.

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