Strontium Hawk Series 120GB SSD Review

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Strontium Hawk Series 120GB SSD Review

Postby Apoptosis » Mon Sep 24, 2012 6:48 am

Strontium Hawk Series 120GB SSD Review

Strontium is not on the radar of most consumers and the Hawk Series SSD we received is our first official look at one of their products. They say first impressions are everything and we were immediately taken by the styling off the drive as soon as we opened the package. With a SF-2281 controller running the show, does the performance match the beauty? Have a read to see.


Strontium is not a company that I had really heard of prior to seeing the recent press release and subsequent arrival of a review sample of their new Hawk Series line of SSDs. A little research shows that they've been in existence since 2002 and are based in Singapore where they pound out flash memory products per month with a "total manufacturing capacity of 500,000 memory modules and 1,200,000 flash products". A quick perusal of their product line reveals variety of flash storage devices like USB drives, memory cards and of course, SSD's.

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