NZXT Launches Kraken X40 and Kraken X60 Water Coolers

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NZXT Launches Kraken X40 and Kraken X60 Water Coolers

Postby Apoptosis » Tue Oct 30, 2012 3:26 pm

Release the Kraken!

NZXT Brings You the World’s First All-In-One 140mm / 280mm Liquid Cooler

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30th October, 2012 – High performance liquid cooling has finally arrived in an easy to use, all-in-one package.
NZXT releases the Kraken, the first premium all-in-one water cooler series for PC enthusiasts and gamers
alike. The Kraken X40 and Kraken X60 are high end, all-in-one 140mm and 280mm liquid-cooling solutions
where ease of use meets unmatched performance.

Applying its forward-thinking design philosophy to the water-cooling market, NZXT raises the bar with a userfriendly
solution that brings unrivaled liquid-cooling performance to your fingertips. With 36% more surface
area than standard 120mm/240mm radiators and fully interactive fan control, NZXT’s Kraken series is nothing
short of a water-cooling behemoth.

NZXT brings its innovative HUE controlled lighting system to the Kraken, setting a new standard for design and
performance. Featuring premium black sleeved cables and extended 16-inch tubing for large tower support,
the Kraken brings high performance cooling with an uncompromised look that any enthusiast will be dying to
show off.

At its core, the Kraken features a state-of-the-art pump attached to an all copper base that is compatible with
all of the current offerings from Intel and AMD. Included with the 140mm Kraken X40 is one NZXT FX-140
PWM fan, with the ability to install an additional 140mm fan for a push-pull configuration, offering unmatched
cooling performance.

The 280mm Kraken X60 features two NZXT FX-140 PWM fans, with the ability to install an additional two fans
for a push-pull configuration as well. Additionally, the Kraken X60 utilizes a SATA power connector for easy
installation and effortless cable management.

Both Krakens are aggressively priced at $99 and $139 for the X40 and X60, respectively, and backed by a 2
year warranty. With the Kraken, NZXT set out to unleash the best closed loop water cooler on the market, and
believes its customers should not settle for anything less.
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