VIA VL752 and VIA VL753 USB 3.0 to NAND Flash Controllers

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VIA VL752 and VIA VL753 USB 3.0 to NAND Flash Controllers

Postby Apoptosis » Tue Dec 11, 2012 7:05 am

VIA Labs Announces Next-Generation USB 3.0 to NAND Flash Controllers, VIA VL752 and VIA VL753

Doubles performance over previous generation, earns USB-IF certification

VL752 VL753 (Custom)_medium.jpg
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VL752 Performance.png
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Taipei, Taiwan, 11 December, 2012 - VIA Labs, Inc., a leading supplier of USB 3.0 integrated chip controllers, today announced its two latest USB 3.0 device controllers, the VIA VL752 and VIA VL753 SuperSpeed USB 3.0 to NAND flash controllers. The VIA VL752 and VIA VL753 deliver enhanced performance using the latest NAND flash technologies including 19nm, 20nm and 21nm geometries and have been certified by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) for SuperSpeed operation, ensuring high quality, seamless interoperability, and effortless backwards compatibility.

The two-channel the VIA VL752 and single-channel VIA VL753 offer data transfer speeds up to 280MB/s, flexible bad block management, support for the latest 200MHz DDR NAND Flash, and a robust ECC engine for greater data integrity. The package sizes from the previous generation of VIA Superspeed USB to NAND flash controllers have been reduced to a QFN68 8 x 8mm package for the VIA VL752 and a QFN48 6 x 6mm package for the VIA VL753 to enable the smallest form-factor designs.

"The VIA VL752 and VIA VL753 USB to NAND Flash controllers give the best user experience by improving both performance and reliability,” said Gibson Chen, VP of Sales, VIA Labs, Inc. "With the smaller package sizes, it is even easier for manufacturers to integrate them into new product designs as well as the smallest modular form-factors."

VIA Labs will be showcasing all of their latest USB 3.0 device controllers including the VIA VL752 and VIA VL753 in The USB Tech Zone at the upcoming 2013 International CES in Las Vegas from January 8-11. The USB Tech Zone will be located in LVCC, South Hall 3, Booth #31431.


The VIA VL752 and VIA VL753 USB 3.0 to NAND Flash controllers are available now in MP; for pricing and sample requests, please contact your local VIA Labs sales representative or send an email to:

Images related to this announcement are available here: ... llers.aspx

About VIA Labs, Inc.

VIA Labs, Inc is the foremost supplier of USB 3.0 integrated chip controllers that are driving adoption of the new SuperSpeed USB specification. A wholly owned subsidiary of x86 processor platform provider, VIA Technologies, Inc., VIA Labs leverages its experience in high-speed serial link interfaces, in-house PHY design, and complete system integration to offer customers industry leading technology along with guaranteed high quality and implementation support.
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