EVERCOOL introduces Venti CPU Cooler

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EVERCOOL introduces Venti CPU Cooler

Postby Apoptosis » Thu Dec 20, 2012 8:50 pm

EVERCOOL Thermal Corp., Ltd. the professional and leading manufacturer of computer cooling products and fan brand.
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Taipei, Taiwan, December 17 2012—: Inherited ultimate cooling performance, EVERCOOL introduces Venti (HPQ 12025), The gods of the winds in Roman mythology, Aeolus from naming people can feel Venti, like a hurricane provides exclusive cooling effect.

EVERCOOL recently launch a masterpiece – Silent Shark CPU cooler (HPO 12025) in the fall of 2012, which achieves a perfect balance of performance and quietness, the next month, Evercool launches another high performance CPU cooler- The Venti (HPQ 12025). Four ∮6 copper heat pipes soldered tightly with fin, to ensure fastest thermal conductivity and rapid heat dissipation. Fans with PWM function can automatically control and adjust the fan speed to keep its lowest noise level. Additionally, Venti (HPQ 12025) uses the PWM fans and large fins enhance the convection for CPU and other components to make noiseless and perfect cooling. Moreover, in consideration with the space, users can free set up one or two fans.

Evercool pursuit of the perfect thermal performance of silence and quality – The Venti (HPQ 12025) is a H.D.T. or Heatpipe Direct Touch tower cooler, H.D.T. (Heat-pipe direct touch) technology, efficiently diminishes thermal resistance, enhancing heat conductivity. The Venti (HPQ 12025) supports a 120mm PWM fan. The fans operate between 800-2200RPM at 22 dBA, pushing a max of 75.13 CFM. The design of the four heat pipes Venti CPU cooler provides adequate cooling which enhance heat dissipation effect up to 200W. , Users can also clearly see the EVERCOOL LOGO marked as the assurance of the EVERCOOL products. Moreover, to strengthen the performance, The Venti (HPQ 12025) provides dual fan installed option that increases the speed of heat conduction (addition prices for dual fan purchase). HPQ-12025 designed with all metal clips provides a secure attachment on motherboard for Intel socket LGA775,1156,1155,2011 AMD AM2 AM2+ AM3 FM1

The Venti (HPQ 12025) managed to design a great cooling solution: efficient and quiet, and efficient when necessary. The Venti (HPQ 12025) will be a good choice for quiet system lovers as well as for benchers with limited budget.

Product Specification
Application CPU Intel LGA 775,1155,1156,1366,2011
Cooler Dimension
(L X W X H) 125 x 68 x 160 mm
Heat Sink Material 4 Heatpipes + Al Fin
Fan Dimension Φ120 X 25 mm
Bearing Type Patent EL Bearing
Fan Life Expectancy at 25℃ 40000HR
Fan Speed (RPM) 800±25%~2200±10%
Fan Airflow (CFM) 75.13(Max)
Static Pressure (Inch H2O) 0.041(Max),0.121(Max)
Fan Noise Level (dBA) 22 min
Rated Voltage (V) 12
Weight (g) 588

For more details, please visit the website for Silent Shark CPU cooler:
http://www.evercool.com.tw/categories/g ... venti.php#
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