Corsair AX860 Modular Power Supply Review

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Corsair AX860 Modular Power Supply Review

Postby Apoptosis » Wed Dec 26, 2012 9:46 am

Corsair AX860 Modular Power Supply Review

The Corsair AX860 power supply runs quiet, generates minimal heat and has earned the 80 Plus Platinum seal of approval. The Corsair AX860 is so efficient it operates without the fan even spinning at low and moderate loads. It is also fully modular, so all the power cables detach from the power supply. Read on to see how this PSU that was build with industrial grade 105C capacitors and upgraded components does when put on our load tester!


The electrical performance of the Corsair AX860 is setting new milestones, with efficiency which easily grant it the 80Plus Platinum certification, unequaled voltage regulation and excellent ripple suppression. This high efficiency allowed Corsair to implement the Hybrid fan mode, allowing the fan to completely stop while the internal temperature of the AX860 is low, allowing the power supply to operate noiselessly while the system is idling or performing trifling operations, such as when watching/listening to media or web browsing. Considering the capacity of the AX860, it is highly likely that the fan will never even start if the system is using a typical new CPU and an average VGA card.

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