MSI To Use Killer E2200 chip from Qualcomm Atheros on Gaming

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MSI To Use Killer E2200 chip from Qualcomm Atheros on Gaming

Postby Apoptosis » Fri Feb 22, 2013 3:49 pm

Gamers in the driver's seat
Killer™ technology enables multi-workload gaming PCs

MSI, the world-leading manufacturer of graphics cards and motherboards, is happy to announce an extensive partnership with Qualcomm Atheros to implement Killer™ Networking technology in not only MSI’s gaming notebooks, but also a new lineup of MSI gaming motherboards. With this implementation gamers and professionals alike can now utilize Killer™ technology to enhance their gaming and video streaming experience. By adding a healthy dose of intelligence to the networking part of MSI motherboards a lot of work is taken out of the hands of the users who can focus better at the task at hand, be it fragging competitors or professional network services.

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A better gaming world
"We are truly excited to cooperate with Qualcomm Atheros on the implementation of their unique technology on our soon to be announced gaming motherboards." Says by Ted Hung, Vice President MSI motherboard department "This puts MSI in the driver’s seat for gaming motherboards with a balanced lineup that hits all critical price-points for gamers."

New Killer™ Networking technology
MSI's motherboards will be equiped with the latest Killer™ E2200 chip from Qualcomm Atheros. The latest revision of their Killer™ chip has many advantages for gamers over previous revisions found on other motherboards. Windows 8 compatibility and Linux supported drivers are essential and not found on the previous E2100 chip. A new and upgraded driver and user interface designed in cooperation between Qualcomm Atheros and MSI will deliver a great user experience, allowing gamers to take full control of their network traffic and it’s prioritization. With Killer networking, gamers can finally maximize the utilization of their gaming PC's simply because they are no longer limited to only running one bandwidth critical application at a time.

MSI will showcase their upcoming gaming motherboards powered by Killer™ Networking technology along with an exiting new range of gaming products at CeBIT 2013 in Hal 15, Stand F15.
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