UEI Announces Pricing for enchantMOON

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UEI Announces Pricing for enchantMOON

Postby Apoptosis » Mon Apr 22, 2013 5:06 am

UEI Announces Pricing for enchantMOON,

Self-Developed Tablet Device to Provide “Pen and Paper-Like” Writing Experience for 39,800 Yen

Pre-Orders Begin on April 23, 2013

Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc. (UEI) announced the release of enchantMOON, the company’s first hardware developed in-house and equipped with its OS MOONPhase. The device will be available end of May, with pre-orders starting on April 23, 2013.

In addition to providing controls that feel exactly like using an actual pen and paper, the device enables high-level processing through intuitive operation. enchantMOON is a unique computer device that aims to completely digitize physical paperwork.

Not only does the device computerize hand written memos, it creates a new programming environment for those who have yet to learn to type, as well as explores new methods and possibilities for computer usage through a completely different approach.

Since its conceptual stages, the development of enchantMOON has been overseen by Japanese film director Shinji Higuchi and philosopher Hiroki Azuma. The look of the product is designed by illustrator Yoshitoshi Abe.

Pre-orders for the product begin at noon on April 23, 2013 (Japan Standard Time). A touch and try event, “enchantMOON Night,” will be held on the same day at the Genron Café at Gotanda from 7:00pm to 11:00pm.

The product is expected to begin shipping by end of May. The first shipment will include a leather strap with an optimized digitizer pen holder, and a serial number will be laser printed on the body of each device (limited time offer).

Online pre-orders can be placed at the official enchantMOON website at http://enchantmoon.com/.

enchantMOON Hardware Specs

CPU :AllWinner A10 1.2GHz

Platform :MOONPhase

Display :8 inch XGA(1024x768) Full Color Display

Input method : electrostatic capacitance touch panel plus active digitize pen

Heap Memory :1.0GB DDR3

Storage :16GB

Network :Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n)

Camera :front-facing camera and lower camera

Battery :5000mAh/3.7V

Accessary : AC Adapter

USB Cable

Strap with optimized pen holder (limited first run offer)

About enchantMOON

Equipped with proprietary platform MOONPhase and developed based on Android 4.0, enchantMOON is an OS designed to revolutionize the user experience. Structured at its core to recognize the hand-written word, enchantMOON lets the pen focus on the motions of writing while fingers focus on other commands.

*Hand-Writing Function

The tablet’s main focus is “writing”. The device recognizes the extremely delicate touch of the pen and fingertip, and performs at 5 times the accuracy of other devices with the same CPU when handling pen and finger movements. Writing on enchantMOON offers an experience that is almost identical to using the traditional pen and paper.

*Hand-Written Text Search Function

What you write with the pen will automatically be recognized as “text”. Circling this text with your finger enables a variety of operations. Aside from its hand-writing capabilities, the device also works as an information processing tool.

*Web Browsing and the Cut-Paste Function

You can browse the web using hand-written words written with the pen. Any section of the page you are viewing can be cut using the pen and pasted on the notebook as a web sticker. The sticker becomes a hyperlink which allows for you to jump back to the source page.

*Camera Function

Circling any section of the screen with your finger and writing “camera” will automatically launch the camera function. Photos can be used as photo-stickers, just like web-stickers.

*Sticker Function

Text and pictures you draw can be used as stickers, and various sticker applications can be downloaded and added to the device. Stickers compatible with Evernote, Facebook, and Twitter are expected to become available. Since the device is open source, developers are more than welcome to create sticker applications using JavaScript and add original functions to the tablet.

*Hypertext Function

Hyperlinks can be added to hand-written pages simply by touching the pages that you want to link. The hyperlinks will link the pages just like a web page. The page including links can be uploaded and used as-is as an actual hyperlinked web page.

*Visual Programming Function

Even inexperienced children can start programming on enchantMOON using its simple visual programming function “MOONBlock,” preloaded on the machine. MOONBlock can also be used to customize the tablet or learn game programming.

About Ubiquitous Entertainment

Ubiquitous Entertainment, Inc. (“UEI”) is a multinational software development and social gaming company at the cutting edge of web technology. UEI focuses on creating supreme experiences in entertainment and education, while striving to make programming accessible to all of us. The company is continuing to strive in creating unique service and products such as HTML5/JavaScript open source game development library “enchant.js”, and “enchant.js” based proprietary hardware “enchantMOON”. Headquartered in Japan, UEI has subsidiaries in Tokyo and Los Angeles.

URL: http://www.uei.co.jp/
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