Dell XPS 600 Renegade Systems Sell Out

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Dell XPS 600 Renegade Systems Sell Out

Postby Apoptosis » Thu Mar 30, 2006 11:40 am

When Dell launched their $9,930 XPS 600 Renegade system last week many gamers had a new dream system, but that dream system is now sold out. We talk to Dell about the success of their XPS 600 Renegade Gaming System and tried to figure out just how many of these systems were made. While we failed to find the number failed the XPS 600 Renegade wont be the last luxury gaming PC from Dell.


"Since each chassis was hand painted, quantities were limited. We're not sharing the actual number. It's important to remember that through its engineering expertise and partnerships, Dell has engineered unprecedented performance. The Renegade is an excellent example of Dell's ability to deliver cutting edge technologies such as dedicated physics and quad graphics. True to our heritage we are driving to make these high-end features more broadly available over time."

Article Link: Dell XPS 600 Renegade Systems Sell Out

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Flashy Case

Postby ikjadoon » Thu Mar 30, 2006 5:05 pm

It is a nice case, indeed. It doesn't have a side panel window, does it? That is a pretty tight system, for those who have money to burn...Honestly, it is more of a fashion statement than a gaming computer, because I know few few people who will shell out 9k+ for a computer. If it is more than 5k, it'd better be a kick a$$ system, like the Renegade. Don't think Dell will [n]ever get a good grip on the gamer niche, though they are trying mightily.

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