Ideazon Fang Gamepad Review

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Ideazon Fang Gamepad Review

Postby Apoptosis » Mon Aug 07, 2006 9:29 am

From the gamers that brought you Zboard comes the worlds fist military grade PC gamepad. The Fang was initially developed as a tactical military training device for the U.S. Armed Forces and is now available to civilian gamers who demand only the best in high-performance precision gaming tools. Read on as Ken Brown from Legit Reviews takes the Fang for a test drive to see if it can improve his gaming skills.


Is it worth $30? Hell yeah! The Fang didn’t automatically make me l337 (I’m still a Private-First Class in BF2), but it definitely helped make me a better gamer since access time to hard to reach keys or commands were at my fingertips. It kept me alive longer, and made my gameplay quicker and more precise. Ideazon has put together a very nice gamepad that is incredibly versatile – even if you don’t load the upgradeable Z engine software – it will act as a standard keyboard.

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