New Front Intake and Top Exhaust Fans Benchmark!

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New Front Intake and Top Exhaust Fans Benchmark!

Postby DJ Tucker » Wed Jan 23, 2013 10:59 am

Ok so i just brought 2 new front intake and top exhaust fans. What are they i here you asking? They are in fact the Cooler Master SickleFlow 120 2000RPM fans. So i decided to do a test on these bad boys and see what temps they give me over my previous fan temps. My original front and top fans where case included 120mm 1000rpm 30.6 cfm fans and my temps during an OCCT Power Supply Test were as follows:

CPU: 59c
Core 1: 65c
Core 2: 63c
GPU: 76c
Northbridge: 58c
HDD Primary: 27c
HDD Secondary: 32c

Now with the Cooler Master SickleFlow fans running at 1000RPM:
CPU: 56c
Core 1: 61c
Core 2: 60c
GPU: 75c
Northbridge: 57c
HDD Primary: 24c
HDD Secondary: 29c

Although noisy but not to bad, 2000RPM:
CPU: 52c
Core 1: 56c
Core 2: 55c
GPU: 73c
Northbridge: 55c
HDD Primary: 20c
HDD Secondary: 25c

I'm now keeping them at 1200RPM and here are the results:
CPU: 55c
Core 1: 59c
Core 2: 58c
GPU: 74c
Northbridge: 56c
HDD Primary: 22c
HDD Secondary: 27c

The Cooler Master SickleFlow 120's are the best 120mm fans i have had. Ok at 2000RPM they do produce a bit of noise but it's the airflow that makes more noise than the motor to which the 19DBa is record from. However, at 1200rpm the noise is hardly noticable and the cooling from these fans are amazing. 69.69cfm for a 2000rpm fan at 19dba is also quite impressive compaired to many other 120mm fans out there. A must buy for any system and if you have a fan controller it's a win win situation :)
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