Building a Custom Case

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Building a Custom Case

Postby Cixiro » Sat Dec 10, 2011 10:37 am

I would like to know anybody's input from working with raw materials in building cases.

I'm currently hoping to build an abstract, fun and colorful custom case for myself. I'm not new to building and so I understand this will take an enormous amount of time on my end. However, my idea is to build an abstract case using acrylic and sheet metal. From anybody who has done this in the past, is there anything that they learned through their process that they wish they knew earlier?

I'm going to be following a Thermaltake Level 10 modular scheme. I want to build the base and backpanel out of sheet metal (spraypainted with matte black probably) and have it be of similar nature to the Level 10. Then use acrylic/metal combinations for the modules; acrylic for around the watercooling components so that you can see the watercooling directly surrounded by metal.

For cutting sheet metal, what would be the best path for a clean, effective cut?
For working with clear acrylic sheets, is there anything that I should know? From what I read, it's similar to working with plywood.

Edit: If there are any specific sites you used to obtain raw parts like dust covers and wire frames and such, let me know!

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