Need SMART Software Recommendations

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Need SMART Software Recommendations

Postby Major_A » Sat Dec 03, 2011 12:27 am

I need some software recommendations. I recently had to fix a family member's computer due to hard drive errors in Windows. I was in the process of pulling their pics, music, documents, etc... off the old drive using my computer and an eSATA cable when I noticed something. None of the software I ran that checked the SMART status indicated an error. So now I'm wondering if I swapped the hard drive for nothing or if it was a virus/malware that was giving the errors. I've run the drive through SMART tests in AIDA64, HWiNFO32, HWiNFO64 and CrystalDiskInfo and they all report the drive is healthy. I've let the drive run and ran AIDA64's Stability Test (hard drive option) for a while and it seems to be ok. The temps are good and I haven't heard a single click.

[ ST3320820AS (9QF1HPN9) ]

ATA Device Properties:
Model ID ST3320820AS
Serial Number 9QF1HPN9
Revision 3.AHG
Device Type SATA-II
Parameters 620181 cylinders, 16 heads, 63 sectors per track, 512 bytes per sector
LBA Sectors 625142448
Buffer 8 MB
Multiple Sectors 16
ECC Bytes 4
Max. PIO Transfer Mode PIO 4
Max. MWDMA Transfer Mode MWDMA 2
Max. UDMA Transfer Mode UDMA 5
Active UDMA Transfer Mode UDMA 5
Unformatted Capacity 305245 MB
ATA Standard ATA/ATAPI-7

ATA Device Features:
48-bit LBA Supported
Advanced Power Management Not Supported
Automatic Acoustic Management Not Supported
Device Configuration Overlay Supported
DMA Setup Auto-Activate Not Supported
General Purpose Logging Supported
Host Protected Area Not Supported
In-Order Data Delivery Not Supported
Native Command Queuing Supported
Phy Event Counters Supported
Power Management Supported, Enabled
Power-Up In Standby Not Supported
Read Look-Ahead Supported, Enabled
Release Interrupt Not Supported
Security Mode Not Supported
SMART Supported, Enabled
SMART Error Logging Supported
SMART Self-Test Supported
Software Settings Preservation Supported, Enabled
Streaming Not Supported
Tagged Command Queuing Not Supported
Write Cache Supported, Enabled

ATA Device Physical Info:
Manufacturer Seagate
Hard Disk Name Barracuda 7200.10 320820
Form Factor 3.5"
Formatted Capacity 320 GB
Disks 2
Recording Surfaces 4
Physical Dimensions 146.99 x 101.6 x 26.1 mm
Max. Weight 635 g
Average Rotational Latency 4.16 ms
Rotational Speed 7200 RPM
Max. Internal Data Rate 1030 Mbit/s
Average Seek 8.5 ms
Track-To-Track Seek 0.8 ms
Interface SATA-II
Buffer-to-Host Data Rate 300 MB/s
Buffer Size 8 MB
Spin-Up Time 15 sec

ATA Device Manufacturer:
Company Name Seagate Technology LLC
Product Information
Driver Update

SMART Readings:
[ ST3320820AS (9QF1HPN9) ]

ID Attribute Description Threshold Value Worst Data Status
01 Raw Read Error Rate 6 100 253 0 OK: Value is normal
03 Spinup Time 0 96 95 0 OK: Always passes
04 Start/Stop Count 20 95 95 5456 OK: Value is normal
05 Reallocated Sector Count 36 100 100 0 OK: Value is normal
07 Seek Error Rate 30 88 60 748404387 OK: Value is normal
09 Power-On Time Count 0 67 67 29184 OK: Always passes
0A Spinup Retry Count 97 100 100 0 OK: Value is normal
0C Power Cycle Count 20 99 99 1487 OK: Value is normal
BB Reported Uncorrectable Errors 0 100 100 0 OK: Always passes
BD High Fly Writes 0 100 100 0 OK: Always passes
BE Airflow Temperature 45 64 47 656080932 OK: Value is normal
C2 Temperature 0 36 53 36 OK: Always passes
C3 Hardware ECC Recovered 0 67 48 230629541 OK: Always passes
C5 Current Pending Sector Count 0 100 100 0 OK: Always passes
C6 Offline Uncorrectable Sector Count 0 100 100 0 OK: Always passes
C7 Ultra ATA CRC Error Rate 0 200 200 0 OK: Always passes
C8 Write Error Rate 0 100 253 0 OK: Always passes
CA Data Address Mark Errors 0 100 253 0 OK: Always passes

CrystalDiskInfo Screenshot:


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Re: Need SMART Software Recommendations

Postby Major_A » Sat Dec 03, 2011 4:33 pm

Found Ashampoo's HDD Control 2 and ran it. More of the same, the drive is good I guess.


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Re: Need SMART Software Recommendations

Postby Polairomis » Mon Dec 05, 2011 8:13 pm

The only problem with SMART is software only gives you its present condition. A lot of drives lack any sort of logging feature so there is no history of any threshold exceeded errors. Also drives attached via USB or Firewire generally fail to report SMART errors correctly. This also true when it comes drives in RAID configurations. While the RAID controller may see the drives as SMART capable, typically the operating system will only see the logical volume created by the RAID controller.

IMHO, I find SMART to be a poor indication of drive health. Most drives will fail before exceeding any of the thresholds.

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