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Mixing different video cards in SLI. I mean different.

Posted: Fri Apr 05, 2013 11:54 am
by hercules71185
So, apparently there are some works of making SLI work on all video cards with similar architecture. I'm waiting for more info and seeing if anyone has heard of this yet. I saw a forum with results, albeit limited at TomsHardware. If I waited a week to sell my old video card I'd test it out. Unfortunately I screwed myself out of the testing. So does anyone here have 2 different models of the GTX 4xx, or 5xx, or the 6xx series? I'm curious as to know if it's basically making the strong card under perform or really getting the full use out of both cards. This would be crazy, and I can't see why Nvidia didn't allow this. It will make their sales higher I'd buy a gtx 660 ti to pair with my gtx 680. I however won't spend the $400+ to get another 680 though.

Link ... p?t=158907