Websites offering International Shipping

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Websites offering International Shipping

Postby sushrukh » Tue Sep 22, 2009 10:32 am

I've compiled a short list of some websites who provides shipping to anywhere in the world.I was searching for these kinda websites from quite some time & i've found some.These websites will come handy to all the people specially who don't live in USA & Canada.These websites also ship to US/Can but then there are lots of E-tailers for US or Canada like Newegg ,Zipzoomfly or many.But the main problem is for us (international customers) is that, most of the time we can't get a device in our country & we can't get it shipped from US/Canada if we don't have any relative or familiar person in the United States.So, for them & me these few websites may prove useful because these websites offer hardwares at USA rates & offers various methods of shipping to the whole world.

So, from now, if you can't get that Thermalright cooler or an OCZ memory or PSU in your country, you know where you'll need to go.There may be many more websites who provide international shipping but I found some of them are really quick,believable & offers more options in case of shipping.Some websites accepts Paypal also.

Here are those websites providing shipping worldwide.

1. Frys (Variety of products to choose from) :-

2. Sidewinder Computers ( Indiana, US based company selling mod & cooling stuff ) :-

3. Memory Configurator( Ireland based company selling mostly memory related stuff ) :-

4. ComputerGeeks( California, based company selling all geeky hot stuff ) :-

5. EXcaliberPC :-

6. Compuvest :-

7. USBGeek (All USB related geeky stuff ) :-

8. Modemod ( Singapore based company selling all modding stuff ) :-

9. FrozenCPU(All modding & cooling stuff ) :-

10. 47StPhoto ( Cameras, Lens, Memory Cards etc ) :-

11. Eparts & More :-

12. Quiet PC :-

13. Think Geek :-

14. Performance-PCs :-

15. Shop BLT (Best & fastest Customer support) :-

16. Star Tech :-

17. L-Com :-

18. National-Tech :-

19. Crucial :-

20. Auzentech :-

21. Petras Tech Shop :-
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Re: Websites offering International Shipping

Postby Zertz » Mon Nov 16, 2009 4:14 pm

You can add Petra's Tech Shop to the list, they ship international and I found them to be reliable as well

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Re: Websites offering International Shipping

Postby sushrukh » Tue Nov 17, 2009 2:29 am

Thank you.I've added that to my list. :)

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