Hello Everyone !

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Hello Everyone !

Postby INeedAFnSuffix » Sun Sep 19, 2010 9:34 am

:prayer: Don't worry about my name . It's just a pun . :finga:
I'm Daven , from Singapore , 16 this year .
I just happen to come across this awesome site , in search of some AMD supporters ( Yes , i run all AMD hardware ) .
I always wanted to emblazon AMD's wonderful products to my friends by doing mini-reviews to everyone who wants to buy a intel ( And they are still deciding over a intel or amd :lol: )
I just hope i can do some reviews , as i have had a fair share of airtime reviewing Those dumb HP Pavillion tx2028au laptops for my local newspaper .
( As in the graphics , i gotta love my turion ( in my laptop , tx2028au ) ) .
And to add ,
Yes , i am a AMD Fan boy . a totally crazy over amd one at that .
I am into MMOFPS , and MMORacing , plus , some MMORPG :rolleyes: kinda gaming .
I wouldn't say i am a overclocker , i just squeeze what i can get from my 5670 ( that i have on my gaming rig ) , and my P II 955 .
And a short intro to what mouse (crappy or not) i use for web surfing .
Yes , it's a Sensonic M10 Mouse , 800DPI with the blue LED burned out suddenly , so i got it changed into a orange super bright LED (it's a 3mm)
And a 100ohm + 5mm Green LED , soldered direct to the +vcc and gnd of the usb on the mouse ( i put a extra wire ) .
I don't know how to set tinypic to english , somebody enlighten me on that .
I have been a 2 year user of tinypic then it turned into german .
Yes , the writing in the background is something i was planning for my microcontroller .

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