XFX warranty gets revision

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XFX warranty gets revision

Postby crazyeyesreaper » Wed Jan 25, 2012 5:50 pm

According to XFX PR the following changes have been made to their warranty
Regarding our revised warranty policy:

1) XFX will transition to a Two-Year Limited Warranty for all new XFX Radeon HD 7000 series models. The standard two-year limited warranty is on par or better than warranties offered by other brands in the industry. While we have had an increasingly small percentage of warranty related occurrences after the two-year mark, we have eliminated the extension and transferrable options for these models. Simplifying the operational requirements will allow XFX to commit our resources on developing and manufacturing the highest caliber and best selection of graphics cards available.

2) For the new XFX Radeon HD 7000 series Double D models, we will continue to provide an option to extend as these products are geared for our top-tiered enthusiasts and XFX will continue to offer this benefit on our top products.

3) Most importantly, all XFX Radeon HD 6000, 5000, and 4000 series models also offer the two-year limited warranty as standard, and will continue to be supported by the optional Double Lifetime Limited Warranty (with registration within 30 days of purchase). Restrictions and limitations may apply and specific details are available on our website.

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Re: XFX warranty gets revision

Postby gwolfman » Wed Jan 25, 2012 11:43 pm

Can they do this? It's like selling you yogurt and after you buy it they tell you, oh btw, the 10 cups of yogurt you just bought expire tomorrow, not the printed date. WTH!?!

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