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A New Media Center (For A New Age)

Posted: Fri Mar 31, 2017 5:18 pm
by dgood
I know, I don't think I've posted in years, but hey this is still the first place I go for information.

My old media center is still trucking along fine but it's become less reliable and gone through a few power supplies. The old Q6600 is ready to be retired and the case leaves something to be desired. I'm ready to build a new media center. I feel like nobody builds these anymore especially not with a cable card tuner or OTA tuner card and my dear old windows media center has been axed.

Here's what I'm here to learn:
1.) What is the best Media Center Software these days? Kodi? Plex? Someone Make A Windows Media Center Port?
2.) Which software supports TV tuners and DVR capabilities?
3.) Which software can easily interface with Netflix, ESPN, Amazon Prime, HBO Go etc?
4.) Do any of the software packages support Native DVD and Blu-Ray playback or work with a solid add-in(Pay is OK if it works)

The dream is to build a new sleeker quieter newer and smaller media center. I want to leave the media center program open 98% of the time and be able to stream my movie library, be able to easily go to HBO Go, Amazon or Netflix, as well as watch live OTA television and record Jeopardy. I want to be able to do this all with my Logitech harmony (or similar) remote and not have to get out the keyboard or mouse for anything other than new software or troubleshooting.

I once was able to do all of this in windows media center but now the plug-ins for Amazon and Netflix are broken and unsupported, new systems won't have Windows Media Center. I'd like something that is more future proof with an active community using it.

Anyone have a system currently that does all of these things or even most of them?

Re: A New Media Center (For A New Age)

Posted: Sat Apr 01, 2017 3:45 am
by KnightRid for software that may do everything you want.

They actually sell set top boxes that do everything now I think. Yep - ... r-options/

Tivo is of course the most expensive just because of its name, although I always thought they sucked, but it should have good support.