How To Config Sound on my ASUS A8NSLI?

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How To Config Sound on my ASUS A8NSLI?

Postby abrogard » Sat May 26, 2007 1:00 am

When I configure my onboard sound with the ASUS 'sound effects' thing - which seems to be the necessary thing to do - I get sound after pressing the 'test' button if I set it for 8 channel.

I only have headphones with mic and the two desktop speakers - i.e. left and right channel.

I get sound in the headphones and sound from the desktop speakers.


But when I try to play with Windows Media Player or Media Player Classic I don't get any sound out of the speakers. Only out of the headset.

What am I doing wrong?

p.s. I went to the ASUS forum and it seemed to be in a mess - I couldn't configure to notify me when they posted to my thread and I couldn't fill out their online form to contact them and tell them about it - autofill fields with dropdowns didn't work. What's the story on that? It is a useless forum?

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