Experiencing Major Issues with Tyan S2466 Motherboard

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Experiencing Major Issues with Tyan S2466 Motherboard

Post by two5om » Sat Aug 11, 2007 7:33 pm

Hey there Guys,

I have server with a Tyan S2466 (Dual Athlon CPU) motherboard installed.

However I am experiencing major issues with this motherboard as I’m unable to successfully run either Windows 2000 or 2003 Server.

I am experiencing the below issue when using either the original BIOS version 4.01 or the latest version which is Version 4.06

Windows 2000 Server

I am able to successfully install the OS but am unable to successfully download and install any Windows Updates, which I require installed. I begin downloading critical updates for my server and after a few minutes without fail, the system just turns off.

I suspect that I might need to download and install all the latest drivers for my S2466 motherboard from the Tyan support site but I am unable to locate any drivers what so ever via the Tyan site.

So if Tyan do not have any drivers for their own archived motherboards hosted on their site I don’t think I’ll have much luck locating S2466 drivers elsewhere, as I have already searched the Internet without much success.

The only downloads I was able to find via the Tyan site was BIOS updates.

I know the S2466 is an archived model but I do feel that Tyan should still have drivers available on their site for this motherboard for customers that still require them.

Windows 2003 Server

I am able to successfully install the OS but I am unable to boot the OS once I’ve installed either Service Pack 1 or 2 for Windows 2003 Server.

After installing either one of these Service Packs I am prompt to restart the system and upon doing so Windows is unable to boot. I see the Windows 2003 Server loading logo with the progress bar but loading the OS does not proceed any further, from this point onwards.

Also unable to get back into the OS via Safe Mode and Last Known Good Config via F8.

This server is used for work and has been down and off the network for approximately 2 weeks and my management team is seeking an answer to why I have chosen Tyan motherboards in our systems for our business if I am unable to easily find drivers for this motherboard via the Tyan support site.

Please help.

Thanking you guys in advance.

two5om :(

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Re: Experiencing Major Issues with Tyan S2466 Motherboard

Post by Calamar » Sat Sep 01, 2007 7:00 am

Hi, you shoud first tell us if its s2466n-4m or s2466n I presume its the first one for the bios version you say you you are using.
4.06 its completly stable so use that.

You need 3 major programs:
- mini agp port
- eide controller
- power management (for windows 2000, w2003 does not requiere it)

And LAN controllers (not a must if you have an external net card)

You'll find all you need here:
http://www.tyan.com/archive/support/htm ... pport.html
Use an ftp client to find all the drivers you need.

Some recommendations:
don't use nVIDIA graphic cards, use X1XXX agp like x1300 or x1550 (or older boards). Disable fast write. Don't use 64bit pci slots if not necessary. Disable Parallel and com ports.

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