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Board Configuration Problem

Postby Sudeep » Mon Aug 22, 2011 5:41 am

i have intel dg33tl motherboard with core2 duo e6750(2.66ghz) processor and other general peripherals
when i bought it, i had single hard disk and the bios setting were by default and also it had feature for RAID and the default hard disk setting was set to RAID by default(only the BIOS setting was set to RAID) but i changed to IDE when i installed windows XP(previously i was using windows vista and now i have windows 7 ) and also once i updated my BIOS with the intel BiOS utility program but i didn't configured the disk to RAID
NOw i have 2 hard disks and so i changed the BIOS setting for the hard disks to RAID and saved the configuration but after restarting the computer, the setting i previously configured was again set to IDE and so i cannot install the RAID driver
So is there any solution to save the configurations
i think the BIOS cannot save the new configurations.

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