Intel six core Gulftown named i7 980-X

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Intel six core Gulftown named i7 980-X

Postby Apoptosis » Tue Dec 15, 2009 9:25 am

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PC online has leaked an Intel published slide showing the name of the new Core i7 six-core processor. Many had assumed an I9 naming convention but this appears to be incorrect - the clock speed is said to be around 3 ghz and is backed up by 12mb of L3 cache as well as Turbo Boost Technology.

This CPU is targeted to users who already own a X58 board and who want the fastest possible performance with a whopping 6 cores at hand. This 6 core processor is based on the 32nm Westmere process and rumours have emerged that Intel are aiming for a March 2010 release. The price is set to be high as always and although nothing is confirmed we can expect little change, if any, from a grand.

Read more: Intel six core Gulftown named i7 980-X - ... z0ZlsznHON
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Re: Intel six core Gulftown named i7 980-X

Postby jnanster » Tue Dec 15, 2009 10:59 am

Is there a list out there of multi core software.
Google gave me zilch.
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Re: Intel six core Gulftown named i7 980-X

Postby bubba » Tue Dec 15, 2009 11:19 am

Short list... latest versions of 3D Studio MAX, AutoGK, Cinema 4d Rendering, DVDShrink v3.2, Lightwave 3D, Nero Suite, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere and photo shop. Hell the Photoshop CS4 wont run on anything but dual cores and up.

Autocad and Inventor will use a Dual Core, haven't tried it on a quad yet to see how they use it.
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Re: Intel six core Gulftown named i7 980-X

Postby Apoptosis » Tue Dec 15, 2009 7:04 pm

I haven't seen a list of software for 6 or more cores....

Just this one listing four or more:

Below is a snapshot of software titles that are optimized for the CPU to take advantage of 4 or more core/threads or micro architecture improvements

GAMING ( 25)

* THQ* Relic Company of Heroes
* EA* Flagship Hellgate: London (extra particle effects)
* Capcom Co., LTD (HQ-Japan) Resident Evil 5
* Codemasters Software Company Limited [HQ] (UK) Operation Flashpoint
* CJ Internet Prius Online
* Crytek* Crysis Warhead (Windows XP only)
* Ubisoft* Assassin’s Creed
* Ubisoft* Far Cry 2+ (patch)
* Capcom* Lost Planet Colonies
* Kingsoft* Mission Against Terror
* Kingsoft* JX Online III
* Midway/Epic* Unreal Tournament 3
* Codemasters* Race Driver (GRID)
* Havok* SDK v5.5 (Tool / Middleware)
* NC Soft* Project Aion
* Neowiz* AVA
* Sega* Football Manager 09
* Sega Europe Ltd. Empire: Total War (Patch)
* Simul Software Ltd Simul Weather (Middleware for generating live, moving, animated skyscapes)
* Terminal Reality Ghostbusters
* Trinigy* Vision Engine v7 (Middleware)
* Ubisoft’s HAWK
* Ubisoft’s World in Conflict: Soviet Assault
* Winking* Sakura
* Illuminate Labs * Beast 5 (Tool/Middleware)


* Adobe* Flash Author
* Cyberlink* Media Show, MediaShow Espresso
* Cyberlink* Power Director 6 Plus
* Corel* WinDVD
* ProShow* Gold 3.2
* Pegasys* TMPEGEnc* XPress 4.4
* Avid* Pinnacle Studio 12
* Corel* DVD Movie Factory 7
* Cyberlink* Power Producer 5
* Cyberlink* Power Director 7
* Corel® Video Studio X2
* Corel® DVD Movie Writer 7
* Magix* Video Deluxe
* Microsoft* Expressions Encoder
* Nero* Nero V9
* Sony * Vaio Movie Story 2
* Sonic* Easy Media Creator 10
* Sonic* Video Wave
* Sonic* Video Copy and Converter


* Adobe* Photoshop CS3
* Adobe* After Effects CS4
* Adobe* Premiere Pro CS4
* Arcsoft* Media Converter 3
* Arcsoft* ShowBiz
* Cakewalk* Sonar
* DivX* Codec v6.8
* eFrontier Shade 10 (3D Modeling)
* Autodesk* 3d Studio Max
* Ichikawa Silky Pix Developer Studio Pro
* POV-Ray* 3.7 Beta 23
* Main Concept* Reference Encoder and Decoder v. 1.5
* Maxon* Cinema v11
* Maxon* Cinebench v11
* Nik Software * Silver Efex Pro
* 3ivx* MPEG 4 v5.0
* Sobey* Edit Max 7
* Newtek* Lightwave v9.5
* Sony* Vegas v8.0c, v8.1 (64-bit), v9.0 (64-bit)
* Cineform* Aspect HD
* Thompson Canopus* EDIUS Pro 5
* Thompson Canopus* EDIUS NEO (Video Editing)
* Steinberg-Yamaha* Sequel (Audio Editing)
* Steinberg-Yamaha Cubase 5
* Steinberg-Yamaha Nuendo 4.3 (Audio Production)


* Microsoft* Office Excel 2007
* Abbyy* FineReader v9.0


* Yuan Fang* InteriCAD6000, R2


* On2 Technology* VP8- Encoder
* Sony* H.264 Decoder v4.5
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Re: Intel six core Gulftown named i7 980-X

Postby DJ Tucker » Wed Dec 16, 2009 1:50 pm

intel have said that there next gen 6-core processors would lie in the i9 to be released Q1-Q2 of next year.
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Re: Intel six core Gulftown named i7 980-X

Postby sara135 » Mon Jul 11, 2011 3:34 am

Generally speaking, most users barely tap the potential of their computer system. Applications and video games are usually more affected by clock speed than they are processor cores, and many programs still are single-threaded. But again, this applies to most users. The differences between hardware enthusiasts or power-users and their casual PC user counterparts are acute and to the point that they have little in common with each other. While mainstream users concern themselves with browsing the web and checking email, enthusiasts are constantly looking to push their hardware with powerful overclocking experiments and power users create multiple virtual machine profiles for commercial application.
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Re: Intel six core Gulftown named i7 980-X

Postby DragonFury » Mon Jul 11, 2011 2:08 pm

To a certain extent yes, to others no. as more applications take advange of multi core system the amount of threads available be better then ll out core speed. Cyberlink power Director is on e of these apps that are now starting to take advantage of a multiple core CPU. As it maxes out all of my available threads on a core i7 970. Games that rely heavily on physx (CPU based and Ageia) see a significant increase of performance.
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