One-Core Not Working out of two and i have core 2 duo

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One-Core Not Working out of two and i have core 2 duo

Postby nickz » Thu Jul 28, 2011 3:03 pm

hey i have a vert serious issue vid my processr.. i have core 2 duo processor 4400 @2.00 ghz. and i am running windows vista ultimate, windowz xp and windows 7.. i have 3 hard drive on my pc.. so i have different os and i have 2 gb ram f kinsgton.. and i do have a nvidia graphic card..and i have intel DG41WV board. bt the main problem is my both core is not working now.. tz been six month i am without both cores.. so i figure it out if i disable "CORE MULTIPLEXING TECHNOLOGY" in BIOS mode my all 3 windows is running well bt with only i core and 2nd core is always 0.. i mean its nt workn.. and the 2nd option is if i Enable "CORE MULTIPLEXING TECHNOLOGY" in Bios mode my all 3 windows is not running .. i have waited for an hour bt still not running any Os {xp, vista and windows 7}.. so i always run my windows n Disable "CORE MULTIPLEXING TECHNOLOGY" mode.. so plez tell me what should i do .. i am vry sad... coz so many time i facing hanging problem.. i want both core in running way.. plez tell me if ther iz any solution..... 1 thing is damm clear mt os not running if i enable "Core Multiplexing Technology".. and if i Run in Disable mode .. my os is running bt only with 1 core.. plez plez plez help me asap.......
waiting 4 ur reply n solution....

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Re: One-Core Not Working out of two and i have core 2 duo

Postby DragonFury » Thu Jul 28, 2011 5:20 pm

Firstly pick a single OS and run with it. Is there anywhere in the BIOS where you can turn on or off cores? Also use CPU-Z and see if the second core is truly disabled also bring up your task manger (ctrl + Shift + esc) and goto performance tab it will list all cores there.
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Re: One-Core Not Working out of two and i have core 2 duo

Postby Apoptosis » Sat Aug 13, 2011 10:13 am

update your motherboards BIOS... Set it to run board defaults... Install a clean version of Windows and there you go.

I have no clue why you have three hard drives with three different operating systems!
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