Overclocking the GPU, IS it worth it ? Risky?

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Overclocking the GPU, IS it worth it ? Risky?

Post by David32 » Fri Feb 26, 2021 11:55 pm

I have a budget PC that really wanted to upgrade for medium gaming after some reasearch and talking around with my friends j decided to buy an 240GB SSD for my operating system so that it would be fast (yes the OS Is faster ) but the gaming and with lags the situation didn't improve and after some months of saving I upgraded the RAM to 8 GB gm DDR4 ram to the already existing 4GB DDR4 ram and the games are slightly lag free and not improved a bit I have a NVIDIA GT 710 DDR3 GPU 2GB VRAM which seems to be the underlying cause of bad choice of building a PC without proper prior knowledge I've tried to Upgrade this part too and had serious clashes with budget and one of the Friends are recommending Overclocking the GT 710 that would give me Fps boost of around 30% more than what I have now What are the Risks and is it really 30% more boost? I have a proper ventilation system but no cooling system apart from the fans in PC maybe that causes the rise in temperature ? I had this PC since 2015 and had no overheating problems before Thanks in advance

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Re: Overclocking the GPU, IS it worth it ? Risky?

Post by KnightRid » Sat Feb 27, 2021 4:52 am

You CAN overclock but as with all overclocking you can destroy the card and then you would have no computer until you can get the money to get a new video card. Medium gaming depends on what you call medium gaming. if you are talking 720p (maybe 1080p) with everything set to the lowest settings then yes, it may work for some older games but not many new ones. 2gb of vram just isn't enough for the newer games.

As long as you are ok with destroying the video card then go ahead and overclock but start LOW and go up from there. Do not start at 30%. Little by little until you start seeing problems and then back it off a little to make sure you are not pressing it. If yours does not have a fan then you will have to add one or put one in the case to blow the air across the heatsink and vent it outside the case. Make sure you run decent tests on each increase in speed too as some problems will not arise until the card is under load.
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