Why do hard drive manufacturers use half the hard drive?

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Post by Vertigo1979 » Thu Aug 04, 2005 8:59 pm

I work at Avnet and we have done that kind of stuff with harddrives. We've even done downgrades on the firmware. This is what happens. a company has a certain build of how they want the computer to be. It can be very descriptive. What manufacturer, part number, etc... Let's say they had their computers built with 3.2GB harddrives. A year oir two passes and they order more. Well nobody makes 3.2 GB harddrives so we'll use 6.4GB drives with the company's consent, they would cost the same as the 3.2 did at their time. It would then be reformatted and the image would then be loaded up. It comes down to the company saying that "Hey it's working fine for us and we don't need to upgrade"

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