Wireless adapter advice

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Re: Wireless adapter advice

Post by Zelig » Fri Jul 23, 2010 4:07 pm

Darkstar wrote:sounds like you have done it before, what about running Bridge mode? Is the router capable or needs new firmware?
Wasn't available in the default WRT54GL firmware last time I checked, but that was a couple years ago. DD-WRT can do it, I use Tomato myself. One thing to note is that with the 54mbps WRT-based routers, they don't support client mode and WPA2 encryption, you have to use WPA.
Kaos Kid wrote:About the only negatives I can think of is that these are in my living room so I will have a router in sight and have to locate another power plug in. Right now with all the paraphernalia already hooked up (2 systems, computer speakers, LCD TV, Cable box, surround sound deck, powered sub for HTPC, etc. I already have 2 power strips filled up. What I need is wireless power transmission! :lol:

One positive I can think of is that I see Wireless-G routers on CL all the time for $20-30. The hard part is finding a model that will support the bridge mode you speak of. I haven't delved too deeply into how my router works, I have the Linksys WRT54GL with the latest official firmware. When I first got it I flashed it with DD-WRT but being a newbie I was quickly overwhelmed and put it back to official firmware so I could at least get manufacturer support. Would it be best for this application to flash it back to DD-WRT again?
If I ever get a house built, I'm hoping for removable wall panels for me to stuff all my cables behind. ;)

Any firmware should be fine on the access point router, it's just the client router where you need a firmware supporting client mode - Tomato is my firmware of choice, I switched from DD-WRT a year ago or so for all my routers.

Also, I haven't looked at wireless adapters for a while, but it might be worth looking at usb adapters, they might be easier to find Win7 drivers for than PCI adapters.

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Re: Wireless adapter advice

Post by PiperGavin » Fri Oct 29, 2010 12:18 am

Hi Kaos, have you secured for yourself that wireless adapter? Sorry I just stumbled on this forum board. I would've recommended an electronics shop near our place. Where are you from? If you happen to be in St Charles, MO lemme know.

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Re: Wireless adapter advice

Post by Kaos Kid » Fri Oct 29, 2010 12:57 am

Yeppers I did. This is similar to the adapter I got, only mine is the RNX-N2LX

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6833166027

Actually I got two of them. I had a problem awhile back with some memory I ordered being a no-show (USPS lost it) so Newegg not only sent me more memory right away, but also gave me a $25 gift card. I happened to see the above adapters on sale for 1/2 price with free shipping, so I jumped on it. So in effect I got 2 adapters for $30 less the $25 gift card credit and shipped free so I was only out of pocket for $5, you gotta love it! And so far they work great with WinXPPro 32 & 64 bit, and are certified for Win7. I haven't had a dropped connection yet, and they keep signal great between 48-54Mbps which is fine since my router is only a 54G anyway, but they are ready for an N router when I decide to move up to that.

Yeah I'm in St Charles County, down the I-70west corridor. I am currently looking for work, my ideal would be at a small computer shop troubleshooting and repairing boxes since I do that alot with my family and friends anyway, it would be nice to get paid for it for a change, lol. If you know of one that is hiring in our area, hit me up with the info and I'll check them out.


This is the one I actually got

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6833166031

which is discontinued now. The one in the link above must be the next generation, which could be why it is priced so much higher than I paid. If it is the new and improved model, you should be happy with it. To be honest, I myself would not have bought the newer one as I am fairly price oriented (OK, CHEAP! lol) and would not have paid that much.
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