bragging a bit and impressed

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bragging a bit and impressed

Post by hercules71185 » Tue Apr 14, 2015 5:38 am

I just got the Aorus x7 pro with the 970m sli set up. I can't believe how much power this thing has for a laptop. I'm going to upload some videos, pics and benchmarks asap. But, for anyone wondering I'll list the fatal flaws first after coming from ASUS ROG g750

lackluster audio and very low at full volume
and sound coming from the laptop. The fan isn't that loud like some say. With the mediocre sound from the speakers you can hardly hear the music....

The back lighting is a bit under lit.
And the keyboard is more crammed due to the macro keys on the left.
I now have 3 laptops in my hands and want to put them all to the test.
a 680m asus ROG
an 880m Asus ROG
and now the 970m sli Aorus
All at one time were the mack daddy.

PS if you wonder why I use laptops and not a desktop. I live out of hotels. I travel for work and literally everything I own has to fit in a truck and hotel.

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