Inno3D GTX 1070 Accelero Hybrid

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Inno3D GTX 1070 Accelero Hybrid

Post by Matthew5 » Mon Jul 29, 2019 11:16 pm

So I had a gtx 1070 ASUS dual before but wasn't happy with it and wanted something better to match my system black/red theme. I wanted to watercool the ASUS but left sided vrm's stopped that without custom modding which I can't do with 2 kids. So I opted for the title named card.

I have to say I was impressed with the fact this card can pull 190 watts on the power limit over the 168 watts on the ASUS. I can now remain at 2100mhz through out any benchmark I throw at it, compared to the ASUS with would thermal throttle and power limit to an average of 2015mhz and frequent drops to under 2000mhz.

During a full catzilla bench (raymarch test heats any gpu crazy hot), the stock thermal paste got the ASUS 1070 to 68c 100% fan and GC3 Extreme got it to 62c. Stock thermal paste got The Inno3D 1070 to 58c 100% fan and GC3 Extreme got it to 50c =D>

The stock paste on the Inno3D 1070 was badly applied. In fact it was thick, all over the gpu and dried already. Cheap nasty stuff was clearly used in an attempt to save a few £££ hoping the water cooler would do it justice. A simple re-apply of thermal paste did amazing wonders. I did the test again with a little less paste (just in case I got a bad thermal reading) and got the following results: Inno3D 1070 GC3 Extreme got it to 48c.

As you can see that was the best I believe I could get. To make things better, I got it to pass it 2125/9200 @ 1.094v for 49c =D>

I game at 1080p so the GTX 1070 is plenty for me :)
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Re: Inno3D GTX 1070 Accelero Hybrid

Post by KnightRid » Tue Jul 30, 2019 4:03 am

Awesome! Sounds like you found a winner. It always amazes me that companies won't use better thermal paste (or apply it correctly) on video cards that are hundreds (or thousands) of dollars.

Did you watercool the Inno3D or are you happy with the temps on air? Duh, HYBRID - already water cooled #-o
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Re: Inno3D GTX 1070 Accelero Hybrid

Post by DJ Tucker » Tue Jul 30, 2019 5:02 am

I had the inno3d gtx 1070 ichill Accelero Hybrid and the paste was just as bad. so thick there was more over the edge than on the die. either way I got it down to 48c at 1575mhz for 1.094v so I was happy with that :)
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