AVX Offset Experiment!!!

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AVX Offset Experiment!!!

Post by DJ Tucker » Wed Aug 28, 2019 8:20 pm

So as the title says I did an AVX Offset Experiment. I decided to set my avx offset to 2 and ran occt medium data set avx on for 30 minutes and got 82c on hottest core. avx core 4.6ghz, vcore 1.216v.

I then decided to set my avx offset to 0 and ran occt medium data set avx on for 30 minutes and got 94c on hottest core (set max temp to 95c in occt). avx core 4.8ghz, vcore 1.312v.

This made me realise that avx instructions really hits your temps harder than I thought and pushes your vcore up by around 100mv if avx offset is set to 0. So my mission began to find a way to lower avx vcore without changing offset from 0. After 3 days I searching and talking to many computer enthusiasts, I was told and found out myself repeatedly no way to lower avx voltage without setting avx offset to 2 or higher.

Then I had a brainwave. What if I set my vcore to fixed 1.248v. Seeing as that stops my vcore from increasing, setting 1.248v theoretically should stop avx from going above right? I rebooted my system set the vcore and ran occt again.

avx offset to 0, occt medium data set avx on for 30 minutes and got 85c on hottest core. avx core 4.8ghz, vcore 1.248v.

I can't believe no one else I spoke to over 20 people had not thought of this. Ok someone must have figured this out and tested it surely??? Ok so my vcore remains at 1.248v constant and increases my idle temps by 1-2c depending on ambient temps but load no avx temps are the same. Also my idle wattage increased by 4 watts.

During battlefield 5 gameplay, (uses avx) after 1.5 hours Ambient room temperature was 25c my max core temp at 4.8Ghz (AVX Offset 2) 1.232v was 65c with 75% max core load. With 4.8Ghz (AVX Offset 0) 1.296v I got 71c with 70% max core load and finally 4.8Ghz (AVX Offset 0) 1.248v I got 67c with 70% max core load :partyman:
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