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Posted: Sun Jan 02, 2005 6:06 pm
by Bio-Hazard
IMHO..........Abit Rules............... :shock:

Posted: Sun Jan 02, 2005 11:30 pm
by Liquid3D
Holly crap, what a move! Goes to show nhow much I know. My God imagine taking every mobo out of the box, installing a CPU/HSF, HDD or Floppy etc. and flashing it? There must be another way right? Isn't there simply a device you can use to flash the CMOS without even dropping a CPU in the socket?

I simply can't imagine taking out boards installing CPU/HSF wiring them up, attaching a floppy and flashing the BIOS.

ExCaliper, they are pretty good, I've got a few things from them, they used to go through all the stepping's on their CPUs. Now something like that which a Huge-arse company like Newegg won't do, and takes all of two seconds to look for a stepping. Especially considering the trays they get are probably in order anyway. This gives me an entirely new outlook (express) on the re-seller business. I wonder what cost must be on a $159 mobo, if your spending that much time in labor fudging with it. Still, I'd much rather flash my own BIOS thank you. Unless it's circumstance where say Prescott 478 comes out and the board won't boot with it. SO you have to return the board so they can flash it and send it back, but that's kind of prima facie.

Props to Abit man their great!

Posted: Mon Jan 03, 2005 1:55 pm
by infinitevalence
My guess is that abit just pulls the old bios out slaps in a new chip and then uses a stand alone system to flash the old rom with the new bios, and then pops thoes into more mobos....

Posted: Mon Jan 03, 2005 5:21 pm
by Bio-Hazard
That would pretty much be the fastest way to do the fix. That's the way it was done when I worked at SCI several years ago. We had a station where you just popped in one chip after anther all day long, talk about a boring job. It's almost as bad as checking ram sticks............ :? I only could work there for a year before I started to go crazy.

Posted: Tue Jan 04, 2005 10:36 am
by alister
I just ordered mine with CPU (as a combo) from Monarch, so they are supposed to test it. I should not have any problems with it. I also took advantage of the free FarCry and HL2 with the combo :)


Posted: Wed Jan 05, 2005 11:12 am
by Bio-Hazard
Just a little heads-up, there should be a new Bios out for the AV8 (18) in a few weeks to address some of the major complaints about the board (high temp readings). I've got no complaints about high temp readings... :shock: At stock settings I'm at 27-29c idle and 35-37c load. Overclocked, max load temp has been 42c so far and that was in a 79F room........... 8)

Posted: Wed Jan 05, 2005 11:23 am
by FZ1
Thanks for the heads up! =D>

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2005 4:25 pm
by marcus
any one no if all the abit AV8 has been updated i am getting my tomorrow with a 3200 90nm chip

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2005 4:32 pm
by infinitevalence
i think so, by now if your ordering from any major retailer all the av8's should be up to date.

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2005 8:01 pm
by marcus
any one knows if the hyper 6 coolermaster sf fits the 939? i

Posted: Fri Jan 14, 2005 8:16 pm
by FZ1
Have you tried the manufacturer's website?

Posted: Sat Jan 15, 2005 8:18 pm
by marcus
it said it did but i had a look at one and the clips look different to a stock cooler

Posted: Sun Jan 16, 2005 2:50 pm
by infinitevalence
it could be like the thermalright xp90 and include a new mounting plate and retention bracket for the mobo. all you have to do is remove the stock amd one and put on the new one. my guess is they made the cooler to fit the intel bracket and just include an adapter for the amd to intel bracket.

Posted: Wed Jan 19, 2005 12:06 am
by Xerxes
The Universal Retention Module that is included in Hyper 6 package is designed for P4 and K8 platforms.

right from coolermaster.'s site There shouldnt be any extras you need to buy.