EpicGear DeFiant EG MMS Mechanical Keyboard Kit

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EpicGear DeFiant EG MMS Mechanical Keyboard Kit

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EpicGear is a subsidiary of Golden Emperor InternationaL (GeIL) that was established in 2011 to manufacture peripherals aimed and tailored towards the needs of PC gamers. EpicGear isn’t a very well-known name here in the United States, but they have produced some solid, well-reviewed products thus far, such as their dual-sensor MeduZa mouse and around-ear SonorouZ SE V2.0 headset. EpicGear products are aimed at PC enthusiasts who want a high quality product for a reasonable price. Today, we will be reviewing the EpicGear DeFiant EG MMS keyboard kit, a keyboard kit with unique mechanical switches and a couple of tricks up its sleeve that you won’t find in other gaming keyboards.


Article Title: EpicGear DeFiant EG MMS Mechanical Keyboard Kit
Article URL: http://www.legitreviews.com/epicgear-de ... iew_188736
Pricing At Time of Print: $89.99 For The Base Unit
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