Azza Inferno 310 Mid Tower Case Review

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Azza Inferno 310 Mid Tower Case Review

Post by Apoptosis » Mon Oct 23, 2017 8:43 am

Last year was definitely the year of Tempered Glass on cases, this year everybody is integrating RGB into everything possible. Azza has recently released a mid tower ATX case that includes both of these elements in the Inferno 310. At a quick glance at the specs, we see that the Inferno 310 includes three 120mm fans, RGB controller, a tempered glass side panel, support for ATX motherboards, long graphics cards (up to 380mm), up to 360mm AIO liquid cooling, USB 3.1 Gen 1 and a 5.25″ device bay, with an $89.99 price tag. Read on to see how our build went inside this case!


Article Title: Azza Inferno 310 Mid Tower Case Review
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Re: Azza Inferno 310 Mid Tower Case Review

Post by KnightRid » Tue Oct 24, 2017 4:45 am

1st impressions by the picture....I don't like it. Looks cheap with a square plexiglass piece slapped on the side adn the front is covered up way too much and i would bet it restricts airflow from the front fans. Not by much but I bet it does a little. I am guessing that huge bottom area with the AZZA red logo is for cable management which seems nice but hopefully that is a LCD/LED/OLED that you can change from the bright red AZZA.

Ok, read review. Still don't like it :) I would NEVER put hard drives in that enclosed are unless it has some damn good cooling flowing through there. The big AZZA glowing light is just ego gone wild. I see so many manufacturers doing this with their name, it's sad. you want me to advertise for you, give me a huge discount, otherwise I can remove that god awful thing and put in a sweet lcd screen that i can have say whatever I want on MY case. Cabling routing further reduces airflow! Come on AZZA, this isn't a $40 case. Cheap case with RGB to make people go OOOOHHHHHH and AAAAAHHHHHH. No filters on the front fans *shakes head*....rookies.

The above is why I would never be allowed to do reviews LMAO I would piss off everyone because I want something MORE for my money. I don't want the same old crap with slapped on special effects or designs that make things worse. I could use a cardboard box with a plexiglass side and some Christmas lights to wow you if you want.

OH and I can put my name is glowing letters that you can't change too.

$30-$40 case MAX :finga:
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