ID-Cooling SF-12025-RGB Trio Fan Kit Review

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ID-Cooling SF-12025-RGB Trio Fan Kit Review

Post by Apoptosis » Thu Mar 01, 2018 9:29 am

ID-Cooling is a relatively new company that our readers may not have heard of before, first debuting at Computex 2013, but their parent company has been doing OEM cooling design and supplying major manufacturers like Cisco, Huawai, Lenovo and more for years. Legit Reviews was contacted by ID-Cooling during CES 2018 and asked if we would like to cover their products, which are aimed at the value PC enthusiast segment. We always like to bring our readers coverage of products that may be of interest, so we had ID-Cooling send over their latest fans, the SF-12025-RGB Trio Kit. The ID-Cooling SF-12025-RGB Trio Fan Kit takes a break from the expensive RGB party and brings consumers a set of three 120MM RGB fans with remote control capabilities, all for under $45 shipped.


Article Title: ID-Cooling SF-12025-RGB Trio Fan Kit Review
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