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Online Comic?

Posted: Tue Jul 31, 2007 11:46 am
by Creech
Alright, so here's the story. Tiger Direct is holding a video contest, and the winner gets $5000. I decided I would enter the contest so I made this video. Well, a bunch of people have liked it and have asked me if I will continue the story. I never really thought about, but after so many people asked me about it, I got to thinking I might make an online comic based around technology in today's world and use the character in the video, "CEDRIC," as one of the characters.

Would anyone be interested in an online comic based around technology? I don't have an exact idea yet what the storyline would be, but it would stuff similar to this. I will try to get an outline of the story together and post it here. But for now, does anyone have any ideas for elements to add to the story or any suggestions? Thanks!

- Creech