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Bayou Corne, Louisiana: Fracking or Drilling Gone Wrong?

Posted: Thu Aug 22, 2013 1:37 pm
by Apoptosis
I saw this clip of trees sliding into a sinkhole today on the national news... I think it was HLN.

That is all the news reported. I did a Google search as this amazed me and found something even more amazing after reading about this 'sinkhole' - ... exas-brine or ... tion-rias/

This hole is not natural and is very man made. The sinkhole has been growing for a year now – and is about 25 acres in size. The sinkhole appears to have been caused by a collapsed underground salt dome that was helped along by human drilling. The brine cavern was said to be 3400 feet deep and the width was unknown. This is the lragest and deepest bring cavern collapse in the world.

That hole is deep:

The bad news is that a whole town has been evacuated and some think the entire 2 mile wide salt dome will collapse. Why is that a big deal? Some companies like DOW are storing 600,000 55 gallon drums worth of chemical waste in the salt dome. WTF?

Better yet:

"The National Strategic Petroleum Reserve is stored in 27 salt domes mostly in Gulf Coast States. In addition to using existing caverns, the U.S. government has created new caverns by injecting water into salt domes to dissolve the salt and create the storage space." -

Double WTF...

I never knew we stored anything in salt domes let along toxic chemicals and our petroleum reserve... Unreal

Check out the before and after shots.
Some experts are saying that this could have a huge impact on the environment, the way we store stuff and the oil industry. Crazy it has been going on a year and I've never heard a damn thing about it. This youtube channel has a ton of info on it -

Re: Bayou Corne, Louisiana: Fracking or Drilling Gone Wrong?

Posted: Fri Aug 23, 2013 6:43 am
by bubba
Yeah, been watching that for a while. In your first sat image, upper left, is a trailer park. They won't let them move them due to the heavy equipment needed, and they can't sell due to the sink hole.

So they are being "assessed" by the company that owns the salt dome, to determine what they should be compensated.

This is also the same area that Troy Landry from the show "swamp people" lives... Pierre Part.