Amazon Deals - DONT CANCEL!

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Amazon Deals - DONT CANCEL!

Post by KnightRid » Mon Apr 27, 2015 8:23 am

Figured I would bitch about this on here as hopefully it will help other people. I placed an order with one of the Amazon deals in it and then realized I forgot to put an item in the order I wanted. Just add it, right? NO there is no place on the order to add an item. Ok, so cancel and re-order including the forgotten item? NO Why? Well iot seems once you placed that daily/hourly/2second/whatever deal in your cart and placed an order, that item is shown as CLAIMED and you can not reorder at the deal price.

I called customer service (well they called me since you put your number in and they call) and was told you could ass an item, until the woman looked and said, oh there was a site update and it was disabled. She would give the the whopping $5 off if I ordered the item by itself and paid shipping, which would have made it more than just buying at regular price with free shipping since the other items would have gotten it over the $35 mark. Wow.

So the moral of the story is this, do not cancel an order that has a deal item in it or you will not be able to order it again at that price.

Kinda funny that they would not just do a manual $5 discount so i would still order everything, so I removed it all from my cart and will wait till someone else runs those flash drives for $30 since the other stuff was just extras I don't have to have anyway :) i know, it's only $5.....but it's $5 :finga:
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Re: Amazon Deals - DONT CANCEL!

Post by Apoptosis » Wed Apr 29, 2015 7:16 am

I've ordered a few items from Amazon... Say Friday, Saturday and Monday. All qualified for free shipping ($35+) and Amazon actually automatically held the items and shipped all together in one package. Delayed the shipment of my first item though and I wasn't happy about that.

Since they can combine orders without asking, it would be nice to add something as well!

I think that functionality will be coming in the future though. Didn't know about the claimed deal thing though, so thanks for the heads up!
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