First Person Slashers

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First Person Slashers

Post by sticky » Thu Apr 15, 2010 7:08 am

Has anyone played AVP3 yet? Let's hear it. Do they let you play the alien in death match?

I hope they've made improvements on AVP2. Turning the alien's pounce maneuver (a swift, tactical jump alternative) into a compulsory power-up attack that obliterates your enemy on impact, all the while retarding game play; that's got to be the lowest trade-off feature in gaming history. I thought tat feature sucked especially.

The alien is suppose to be about fluid freedom of movement - and primitive killer instinct, of course. Not many games have you run about wall and ceiling attacking people up close and personal in adrenaline fueled kill frenzy; tail, tooth and claw. Let me know if there are others out there. I would like to see more of that alternative - the First Person Slasher, it would be great! :ANAL:

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Re: First Person Slashers

Post by vicaphit » Sat Apr 17, 2010 11:32 am

It wasn't what everyone expected, which means you can probably get it pretty cheap already.

I wish I had gotten to try out the single player, so I can't tell you how that was.

In DM, you can play as predator, alien, or marine. That is pretty much it. There isn't much variety from what I saw.

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