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Hounds Online: The Last Hope Released

Posted: Sat May 23, 2015 3:52 am
by marvolo15
As a new adrenalin-filled OTS, Hounds Online: The Last Hope will let you live the communal feeling of an MMORPG. Although it seems to have no difference than other games, Hounds has some promising things going for it.
In this new gaming experience, you will be able to use new weapons and accessories for playing. You will have more chances at supplies and unlike some great co-operative games, Hounds offers a trade system where you can build a small economy with your unwanted gear. In user interface between battles, you will have a multitude of options customizing your fighter and encouragement to build them up. With new graphical view unlike others, Hounds offers an enjoyable and pleasant experience in the game. On the other hand, it gives you the opportunity to create a character based around four types: Assault, Specialist, Support and Tech. Assaults take the brunt of the violence as you pick off enemies from the front line. The Tech provides portable shields, launching grenades from secured locations. Specialists handle heavy guns, providing health stations and a hail of suppressing fire. Meanwhile, the Support is sitting in the back, picking off enemies flanking the battlefield with their high powered sniper rifles. As it is seen, each class has a purpose. Now are you ready to take part in this amazing story? Before starting, register first!